Sunday, August 17, 2008

Combi Stroller TM-359 - taken

I have been trying to keep this combi stroller for my friends
or family members, but after 3 years, none of them has any
need for it yet. I believe it wanted to feel useful again, instead
of sitting in my study room.

The model is Combi Stroller Super Mechacal TM-359. Here's
the information of it from the local distributor website :- From the
URL, I think my stroller looks a little different. Combi might
have done some cosmetic changes to the stroller.

Following are pics of my TM-359 (Please ignore my messy
house in the background).

The folded up look

The open look

The open with full canopy look

History of my stroller

Bought it slightly less than 5 yrs ago for my son (who turned
5 this year) but not frequently used since we find bringing baby
out with stroller cumblesome. We rather carry him. 2nd kid
came along 1.5 yrs later, but its worst having to manage 2
young kids and a stroller so my 2nd kid is not used sit in the
stroller. By the time 2nd kid can walk, we store the stroller
away. So to me, it really look pretty new.

However, the kid's shoe rub against the stroller padding at
the corners, so the corners of the seat has a bit of fluffy
texture as shown in the picture below.

There is also a very light milk stain which I did not clean on
time at the backing padding as shown below.

Besides the aboves, you will need slightly more effort
when you are trying to fold it into the position as shown in
the first 2 pictures. Instead of holding it at the handle bar (as
you will see in the video from the local distributor), you will
need to hold it slightly lower then half height of the stroller.

I also still have the manual that comes with the stroller.

Self collect at Clementi. Please email
for any further information.

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  1. This stroller has been passed to my cousin.