Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leappad cartridges

My 2nd kid enters P1 this year so I have these cartridges to sell as I believe she should move up. They are in very good condition and I have tested them yesterday afternoon. Please see the pictures below.

 The cover

 The inside and contents

  The cover

 The inside and the contents

 The cver

 The inside and the contents

 The cover

 The inside and contents

Mine is a Leappad Plus writing system, so these books are suitable for use in both systems. The books are new because I supervised strictly when they are using.

Enquiries are welcome at The cartridges are going at $10 each. Collection will be in Clementi daily, or Thomson Imperial Court on sat between 1100 to 1215.

I hope someone buys these books and not let them go to waste.

Besides the above titles, my friend also have the below to offer.

1. I know my short vowels (like new) - $8
2. Phonics Lesson 1 (used) 
3. Mother Goose Songbook (Ages 4-7) (used - this is a fun book) - 
and 2 books that's meant for 6-8 
and 3 books that's meant for 7-10 (science, geography, brain twister) - 1 book is torn but generally these 5 books are in used state.

So besides item 1 selling at $8, the rest are selling at $5 each.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chinese traditional clothes and a batik? - giveaway

I have 3 suits of clothes to give away. I have laid them on the floor and put measuring tape besides the important areas to show the size. I hope viewers are able to enlarge the photo to read the size off the ruler. :-)

Please contact me at if you are interested. Collection will be in clementi Mall weekdays 1230 - 1250, or weekend at Thomson Imperial Court at 11am.

Thank you.

Swim suit, arm floats and caps for giveaway - all taken except caps


This suit from Life Racer belongs to my boy. Yes, it has faded very much but it is still usable so would like to give it away since my boy cannot wear anymore. The two pairs of arm float are also too small for both my kids (age 8 and 7).

Got these caps from the Southwest Family Day last year, 4 of them, but I really think I will not be using them (after keeping so long) since we are not the cap people. Any takers?

 The plain front view

 The logo at the side

Collection will be at Clementi Mall weekdays 1230 - 1250pm or weekends in the evening.

Please contact me at for any queries.

LeapFrog WordLaunch Learn-to-Read-It System


I bought this set from TANGS some time back but my girl did not really utilise it so it is very new. Now that she is in P1, she has less time and I think it is too simple for her too. I would like to sell it off at $50. Please look at the condtion of the item below.

 The white letter tiles and the manual

 Close up of white letter tiles

 The main  launcher

 All packed (Ya the plastic bags are still intact!)

  The box with contents enclosed inside

Kindly contact me at if you are interested. I prefer to meet up to hand over this item. The collection place will be Clementi Mall during weekdays from 1230 - 1250, or Sat 11am at Thomson Imperial Court, or other timings in weekend will be Clementi.