Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kid's toy - rider to be given away - taken

I don't know what to call this, but I bought this at a fair in Tanglin Mall probably 4-5 yrs ago. It cost $50 then, I remember because it is so expensive. It is a product from Japan, the whole box have words in japanese, and even the manual is in japanese, but I have thrown them away.
Though expensive, but it is pretty durable and has served my boy well. We bought it because it allows my boy to be a Handy man, trying to unscrew the screws and transform the "vehicle" himself.
Let's see the pictures first.

A 4 wheel rider

transformed to a 4 wheel "pusher" using the tools provided.

No matter how durable an item is, there are bound to be weakness. One pair of nuts and bolts broke after my boy (who is all grown up and with lots of strength) screw too tight. Without this set of nuts and bolts, one of the back wheel is not secured (ya back wheel are detachable, only).

My boy who is now 7 yrs old, is too old for this vehicle (actually he still likes to play with it!), so I did not try to even find replacement (like a real set of nuts and bolt) to fix the problem.
So, anyone has the means or willing to spent the time, do arrange for pick up with me in Clementi.

This is the other set of nuts and bolts identical to the broken pair.

This particular screw similar to the missing one(shown below) is the other of a identical pair. This screw is suppose to be fixed at the hole next to the pink seat (if you look at the first two pictures).

I feel that it is a little pity if I just throw it away, and wonder if there is anyone out there who can fix it and let any kids continue to enjoy riding, fixing and dismantling the parts. My boy has so much fun screwing and unscrewing the screws and nuts.

Any questions are welcome. Please email to

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