Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leapfrog DVDs - sold

I bought this set of DVD through BP in motherhood forum. My kids enjoyed watching them very much. Very good reviews were published all over the internet. However I limit their TV time, plus the various TV shows on TV so it is not very extensively utilised. They (age 6 and 7 now) now prefer shows from playhouse disney so I would like to sell it away at $40.

 The Box

 The 5 DVDs

Please email me at if you are interested. Any queries are also welcome. Self collection at Clementi or Thomson Imperial Court on Sat 11am.

Extremely lightly used OLD NAVY denim jeans for sale

Classic rise, boot cut, Size is 5 regular.

Bought it for my girl, but only worn less than 5 times as she is not used to the "covered up" feeling of a jeans. Now it is too small for her so would like to sell it off at SG$10.

Any queries are welcome at Prefer to meet up to handover the item, but if posting is required, please bear the postage.

Many thanks

The Children's Place Girl Denim Shorts (NEW)

My hubby bought this pair of shorts when he visited US but it is too small for my girl. Cannot imagine her butts are a little too big to squeeze into this pair of lovely shorts. LOL. The tags are still intact as seen from the picture and it is stated size 5.

I would like to sell it for SG$20. If you are interested please email me at Would prefer meet up to pass the item, but if posting is required, please bear the postage cost.

Thank you

Thank you to all who has responded to my giveaway items in Freecycle. I am sorry that I could not respond to individual emails as there are too many. The items are now reserved or taken.

Merry Xmas.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Camera Tripod - Giveaway - taken

This tripod came with my Canon G5 camera. Has not been used before but has been in storage for like 5-6 years. Below are some information snapped off the box. Not able to answer much questions since I do not use tripod.



Interested parties please email Pickup only at Clementi NTUC Central branch.

Many thanks.

A pair of girl's shoe - taken

Shoe is only worn once for a wedding dinner and my girl has outgrown it. She is now 6 going to 7 but she is 5 when she wore it. Looks new except for the black lines (or light scratches) caused by the black heels when she walked.

According to box
Size : 29
Colour : white
Brand : Kiki Lala

Bought in malaysia.

Sample pictures below.

The black lines on both the inner side of the shoe

Any queries or interested parties, please email Pickup only at Clementi NTUC - Central Branch.

Swimming Aid - Giveaway - taken

Brand : Starfish. Given by relative two years ago but did not use at all thus functionality is not tested.  Please see sample picture below.

Written on the box - for 2 and half years old to 4 years old.

Any queries or interested parties, please email Pickup only at Clementi NTUC Central branch.

Wine tasting set in blown crystal glass - Giveaway - reserved

Got this as an xmas gift. Has been in storage for many years. Not used before as we are not wine lovers (then why we kept right? cos it's a gift lor). The box is definitely old and dusty looking even though I wrapped it in plastic bag. The glass (which is crystal glass as stated in the box) is blurred (perhaps moldy). Not sure if they can be washed. Sample pictures of the item is as follows -

The blurred crystal glass

A write up at the side of the box

The other side of the box

Interested party please email to for arrangement of pickup at Clementi NTUC Central branch.

Many thanks

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Squash racket - Giveaway - reserved

This racket has been with me for the longest time, since my JC days and now I am a mother of two primary schooler!
It has been stored in my cupboard all these years after my JC so it is a very old model. Not sure if you need any re-string (but the strings are still very intact in my opinion) but you definitely need to do something abt the handle part where you hold and to buy a new cover. It is still new since it is not well used.

Please email for pickup arrangement in Clementi. Many thanks.

Baby and toddler recipe book - taken

Hi all,

I bought this book 7 years ago when I have my first child. My 2nd child is way past toddler stage and so would like to give away this book. Meet up or post is fine, but if by post, please bear the postage.


Please email to if you are interested. Many thanks.


Children books - reserved by Pris

Pris, this are the books I am telling you that I wish to give away as my kids are either not reading or they say they are simple. You want them for your boy?

I still have from LADY BIRD, "The Three Little Pig (Level 2)", "Chicken Licken (Level 2)", "The Gingerbread Man (LEvel 2)", "Hansel and Gretel (Level 3)", "Thumbelina (Level 3)", "The Pied Piper of Hameline (Level 4)", "Favourite Tales - Pinocchio" and "Favourite Tales - Sleeping Beauty" but I did not take any pictures, cos I think you can refer to the books above for samples. If you need, then you tell me to take more lah. I wish to clear this away asap cos if not I will keep until I forget abt them since it will be in storage. All the books that has "levels" belong to Read It Yourself series. Perhaps you may be able to find more sample pages in the internet.

The pictures are in pair (as what I see in the edit mode). They show the title cover page then a sample page inside. Some books are very new but some have yellow dots.

I missed out this four from Ladybird too - " Read with me - Key Words Reading Scheme - The Day Trip (book 7)", " Read with Ladybird - What's the noise? (book 14)", " Say the Sounds - Phonic Reading Scheme - Flying Saucer (Book 6)" and "Learning is fun - Key Words Reading Scheme - 10c". The pictures are as follows :-

Besides these, I will be giving you a chinese reader from the kindy. Remember those duplicates that you took last year? Just one this time, cos only one duplicate. My kids chinese are not so good, so I think I will still keep them to ask them to read on and off till they know how to read those without assistance.

Do you want Dora book? My girl got one with 6 stories inside and she say it is simple for her now (haha). It looks like this.

Pris, do let me know what are those you like and what are those you need not, then we arrange for pick up okie?