Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Children books - reserved by Pris

Pris, this are the books I am telling you that I wish to give away as my kids are either not reading or they say they are simple. You want them for your boy?

I still have from LADY BIRD, "The Three Little Pig (Level 2)", "Chicken Licken (Level 2)", "The Gingerbread Man (LEvel 2)", "Hansel and Gretel (Level 3)", "Thumbelina (Level 3)", "The Pied Piper of Hameline (Level 4)", "Favourite Tales - Pinocchio" and "Favourite Tales - Sleeping Beauty" but I did not take any pictures, cos I think you can refer to the books above for samples. If you need, then you tell me to take more lah. I wish to clear this away asap cos if not I will keep until I forget abt them since it will be in storage. All the books that has "levels" belong to Read It Yourself series. Perhaps you may be able to find more sample pages in the internet.

The pictures are in pair (as what I see in the edit mode). They show the title cover page then a sample page inside. Some books are very new but some have yellow dots.

I missed out this four from Ladybird too - " Read with me - Key Words Reading Scheme - The Day Trip (book 7)", " Read with Ladybird - What's the noise? (book 14)", " Say the Sounds - Phonic Reading Scheme - Flying Saucer (Book 6)" and "Learning is fun - Key Words Reading Scheme - 10c". The pictures are as follows :-

Besides these, I will be giving you a chinese reader from the kindy. Remember those duplicates that you took last year? Just one this time, cos only one duplicate. My kids chinese are not so good, so I think I will still keep them to ask them to read on and off till they know how to read those without assistance.

Do you want Dora book? My girl got one with 6 stories inside and she say it is simple for her now (haha). It looks like this.

Pris, do let me know what are those you like and what are those you need not, then we arrange for pick up okie?

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